A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

## Lore
Humanity was doing fine until 2049, but we ended up running out of space. We fixed this by assembling a robot force to clean up the trash and make more space. Eventually, even that failed and the robots got fed up with having no space. As the sole remaining trash compactor droid still loyal to humanity, it is your job to **take out the trash**, or else, you too may RUN OUT OF SPACE!

Please note: you don't have much power left, so you can't shoot and run the compactor at the same time :/

Consider lowering your volume when launching.

## Controls:
 A, D: move trash horizontally

 Left Click: kill robots

 S: lower trash

 Space: drop trash even faster

 W: rotate trash

 Control: rotate trash backward


Written in Rust (of course).
Both of us are proud members of the Rust Evangelism Strike Force. Join up today!


## Art:



## Audio
Music from [freemusicarchive.org] by RoccoW.
Crushing sound from [freesound.org] by husky70.


rusted-robots-linux.zip 32 MB
rusted-robots-windows.zip 33 MB
rusted-robots-mac.zip 32 MB


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Interesting combination of tetris and a 2D top down shooter